Working with Dubai Recruitment Agencies

Dubai recruitment agencies search for candidates who have great experience and long work history especially if they are looking to fill an executive position. Whether you are working with recruiters now or thinking of getting in contact with one, there are some important points you need to consider when working with recruiters so as to make sure you have a pleasant and productive overall experience.

Recruiters Are Not Your Career Counselors

Some job applicants think that recruitment agencies work as their career counselors and can give them advice on what positions or fields to explore when looking for a job. This becomes a problem since during the interview, some job applicants will start to ask questions about their career path rather than focusing on what jobs are being offered to them by the recruitment agency. When this happens, the applicant not only wastes time but also risks not getting any offers at all since the recruiter might think that the applicant is not really sure or confident about his or her skills and work experience.

Recruiters Are Not the Final Decision Makers

There is also a misconception that recruiters are the ones directly hiring the applicant. That’s because there are times that throughout the interview or hiring process, the job seeker only gets to see or interact with the recruiter–never with the actual company hiring for the position. Of course recruiters can put in a good word or recommend applicants, but at the end it is still the hiring company who is the final decision maker. So, if you are working with recruiters, just remember that they are there to assist you regarding documents, requirements, and questions about the position you are applying for, but they are not the ones who will hire you and pay your salary.¬†Find out about recruitment organizations like JCA Associates – Recruitment Agency in Dubai.


Recruiters Do Not Control the Hiring Process

In connection to the previously mentioned point, recruiters are also not the ones controlling the hiring process. Their job is to look for as many candidates as possible who suit the job ad. Sometimes in this pursuit, they even try to call up or email people who are not 100 percent fit for the job or position but just shows some relevant skills or background. They do a manpower pooling process in order to get as many possible candidates to apply. The reason? Because the more candidates they can get, the more they can increase their chances of finding the right applicants. From a good pool of candidates, the hiring company or employer can then choose the best person for the position.

These are just some of the important points you need to think about when working with recruiters so as to not waste their time and not to lose your chances of getting hired. If you have a deeper understanding of how recruiters work with employers, then you can be more aware of the hiring process and just do your best to show your qualifications and know that if you do not get chosen, it was not the recruiter’s decision.