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We discuss the many variables that go into art paper and say what we feel is the best paper for colored pencils with our top choices. Artagain paper by Strathmore is another good paper for colored pencil and pen and ink. While it has a somewhat smooth surface, it still has enough tooth to evenly hold the colored pencil. It comes in large sheets and pads. It’s available in a variety of colors, and has a speckled appearance. 15 Oca 2017 – If you ask 100 colored pencil artists what their favorite paper is, you will get a . has some tooth, but is not rough like pastel paper, will work best. Prismacolor pencils offer artists beautiful, dynamic colors and artwork, but the best paper for these colored pencils bring out all the vibrant elements of these . 25 Haz 2016 – What are the best colored pencil papers? Carrie L. Lewis shares her thoughts and recommendations on this all-important topic. 14 Oca 2019 – Whether you use Prismacolor, Faber Castell, Caran d’Ache or countless others – paper matters. We review the best paper for colored pencils in . 26 Tem 2015 – I blend my colored pencils with Mona Lisa Odorless paint thinner and by . It also seems to be the best paper when I use the Scotch magic tape . 16 Eki 2012 – What is the best paper to use for colored pencils? I have used several different types and have not found any that I am totally satisfied with.

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